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It’s time to pop the question and everything needs to be impeccable for the great moment to say yes and exchange rings.


Secluded balconies with breathtaking views, elegant flowers, and champagne to toast to the occasion. And of course, photos and videos to secure those memories and never forget.


With a specialised team fully prepared to attend all of the most creative ideas, we organise all the details so your proposal happens in the way you have always dreamed about.

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On her birthday Lorena was surprised with an engagement proposal. She knew it was coming, because they've talked about it during these 8 years in the relationship. Francesco felt that the number 8 symbolizes infinity and that with Lorena’s 30th birthday would be the perfect combination for this important action. She is Brazilian, he is Italian, and they have been together for 8 years now. Lorena’s family went back to Brazil a few years ago, but her heart already belonged to Francesco, therefore she decided she belongs in Florence with him. So, she stayed. And although they already live together, marriage is an important step for Lorena, because for her, it means to bind the two families together in preparation for her to start her own. Francesco asked us to set up a beautiful location with an amazing view of the city he was born, live and where they met and fell in love, the Renaissance city of Florence. He wanted her to feel like a princess in an urban garden, with her city at her feet. We created an enchanted garden on the rooftop with a view over the city. The flower design was set up to create the atmosphere, to surround them, to show Lorena that was no ordinary birthday celebration, that she was about to be swept over her feet. The location, the Angel Roofbar has an exclusive view over the Palazzo Vecchio, the very heart of the city. And it's a cool place that young people go to celebrate, so she wasn't supposed to assume anything else. Right after sitting down, after being amazed by the flowers and the view, without any further delay, taking advantage of that moment of surprise, he showed her the ring. And the ring itself is another story. It belonged to his grandmother, Lisetta a 93 years old Italian matriarch, it was given to her by her husband on their 20th anniversary. When Francesco was born, Lisetta decided that that would be his future wife's ring. And so, it was. Lorena and Lisetta have always had a great relationship, they love each other, so she was beyond happy to see Lorena getting the ring and officially becoming her grand daughter.

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