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Hello! I am Luciana Santos, a licensed tourism professional, specialised in Luxury, founder and creative director of Firenze Concierge, where I create luxury immersive experiences in fashion, beauty, art, wine and gastronomy in Florence, Tuscany and all around Italy.


My Italian journey started seven years ago, when I moved to Florence to study Luxury Brand Management at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni and Luxury Business at Polimoda. In Florence I had the chance to learn the history of the Italian renowned brands, dig deeper in the luxury universe and all that Italy has to offer within this area: travel, shopping, gastronomy and wine, by the way a lot of wine !

In Italy I am a certified Wedding Planner specialised in organising surprise engagement proposals for couples in love. Adding to that, I have over 15 years of experience organising luxury events which gave me the skills to elaborate and execute the most beautiful, unique and exclusive moments for each client.


Feel free to contact me in order to know more about our services and what else we can do to make your trip to Italy a remarkable memory!

photo of Luciana Santos, the founder of Firenze Concierge, with Ponte Vecchio in the background
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